Monteverdi’s “Orfeo” and the “Beginning of Italian Opera”

MonteverdiThis is a part of the first episode, entitled “Beginnings”, of BBC’s three-episode series “Opera Italia”. This series is presented by Antonio Pappano, conductor and music director at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. This excerpt refers to Claudio Monteverdi’s favola in musica. (mais…)

Luís Tinoco – Round Time

Tinoco - Round Time“Born in Portugal in 1969, Luis Tinoco spent his mature musical education in the UK at the Royal Academy of Music in London and latterly at York University. Though the record sleeve claims that he ‘creates a sound world that is uniquely, distinctively Portuguese’, I hear the style of composing I frequently find in York University concerts, and has a modern and cosmopolitan quality. Not that it is a bad thing, as it offers a broader base than falling into a nationalistic rut. (mais…)

Ensemble Mensurable, June 26

Teatro Thalia (2)Next Thursday (June 26), 17:30, I will be singing with Ensemble Mensurable at the Theatre Thalia, Lisbon. We will be performing Portuguese polyphony that turns around the Missa Sancta Maria by Duarte Lobo. The programme will also feature music by Estêvão Lopes Morago and secular works by Josquin Desprez, Francisco Guerrero and Mateo Flecha “El Viejo”. This concert will be our first grand collaboration with the Movimento Patrimonial pela Música Portuguesa. (mais…)

Musique à la Cathédrale d’Oaxaca

Parmi ses multiples trésors, la Cathédrale d’Oaxaca possède dans ses archives le fameux manuscrit musical de Gaspar Fernandes, ainsi que nombre d’œuvres du compositeur Manuel de Sumaya qui y termina sa vie en 1756, après avoir été le plus prestigieux maître de chapelle de la Cathédrale métropolitaine de Mexico.

Bien qu’un siècle les sépare, Gabriel Garrido a voulu réunir ces deux grands compositeurs néo-hispaniques dans cet enregistrement qui témoigne de la vitalité de la création musicale sacrée en Nouvelle-Espagne. (mais…)

Coro Odyssea, November 3, 4

This weekend I’ll be in Lagos (Algarve) with Coro Odyssea, in the XXXVI Festival de Coros do Algarve, integrated in the I Ciclo de Encontros Corais em Terras do Infante. We will be singing works by Victoria, Brahms, Carrapatoso and Côrte-Real in two concerts, being the first one this evening (21:30) at Luz Church (near Praia da Luz) and the second is tomorrow at 16:00 in Igreja das Freiras, Lagos. (mais…)