Monteverdi’s “Orfeo” and the “Beginning of Italian Opera”

MonteverdiThis is a part of the first episode, entitled “Beginnings”, of BBC’s three-episode series “Opera Italia”. This series is presented by Antonio Pappano, conductor and music director at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. This excerpt refers to Claudio Monteverdi’s favola in musica. (mais…)

Luís Tinoco – Round Time

Tinoco - Round Time“Born in Portugal in 1969, Luis Tinoco spent his mature musical education in the UK at the Royal Academy of Music in London and latterly at York University. Though the record sleeve claims that he ‘creates a sound world that is uniquely, distinctively Portuguese’, I hear the style of composing I frequently find in York University concerts, and has a modern and cosmopolitan quality. Not that it is a bad thing, as it offers a broader base than falling into a nationalistic rut. (mais…)

Concert at Espaço Salgado

espaço_salgado_logoI’ll be singing tomorrow, around 22:00, with Ensemble Mensurable at Espaço Salgado (Queluz). This is the second concert we give at this small but very interesting place (the first one was last 25 May). We will present an all-secular music programe “Songs from 16th-Century Secular Europe”, which includes music by Thomas Morley, John Bennet, Claudin de Sermisy, Josquin des Près, Thoinot Arbeau, Orlando di Lasso, Francisco Guerrero and Mateo Flecha “El Viejo”. (mais…)

Call for Papers ” RMA 50th Annual Conference”

Papers2Royal Musical Association: 50th Annual Conference, Leeds, 4-6 September 2014

Deadline: 5:00 PM (GMT), Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Royal Musical Association will assemble for its Annual Conference at the School of Music, University of Leeds, between 4 and 6 September 2014. It will be a special event for a number of reasons: not only is it the RMA’s 50th annual conference, but also it marks the 140th anniversary of the Association’s foundation and the 70th anniversary of its designation ‘Royal’. The occasion will be a meeting point for all to celebrate the achievements of the RMA and the breadth and depth of current research into the science and practice of music. The Peter Le Huray lecture will be given by Alexander Rehding (Harvard University) and the Dent lecture by Elizabeth Eva Leach (University of Oxford). (mais…)

Sermisy/Fuenllana – Tant que vivray

The chanson Tant que vivray, first published in Pierre Attaignant’s first collection of Chansons Nouvelles (1528) is in some ways a perfect example of Claudin de Sermisy’s (c.1490-1562) so-called Parisian style. He actively sought the best and most refined of current French poetry to set; in this case, as in over 20 others, he chose verses by the estimable court poet Clément Marot (1496-1544). (mais…)

Call for Papers “Early Modern Soundscapes”

Papers2To include the Society for Renaissance Studies 3rd Annual Welsh Lecture, given by Professor Jennifer Richards (Newcastle University) and Professor Richard Wistreich (Royal Northen College of Music)

The Difficulty of that language is not to bee conceived, and the reasons there of are especially two: First, because it hath no affinitie with any other that ever I heard. Secondly, because it consisteth not so much of words and Letters, as of tunes and uncouth sounds, that no letters can expresse. For you have few words, but they signifie divers and severall things, and they are distinguished onely by their tunes that are as it were sung in the utterance of them, yet many words there are consisteth of tunes onely, so as if they like they will utter their mindes by tunes without wordes

Francis Godwin, The Man in the Moone (1638) (mais…)