Performing Issues

The title of this post might suggest controversy, but it is not intended to be controversial. The excerpt that follows was taken from my current reading: Early Music: A Very Short Introduction. This is one more book of Oxford University Press collection “A Very Short Introduction”, a sort of “fast-reading” book that puts you on the terminology and theory behind the idea of what’s early music all about.

The excerpt that follows was taken from the fifth chapter who’s title gives the title to this post. (mais…)

On the Importance of Latin Pronunciation

«The Significance of Latin Pronunciation in Music – At a time of increasing awareness of historical performing practice, it seems strange that many performers of text-based repertoire pay little attention to the pronunciation of Latin pronunciation is given by the 16th century European scholar Erasmus, who reported that although ambassadors from European monarchs to the court of the Emperor Maximilian all spoke Latin, none could understand the others, and all heartily mocked their colleague’s pronunciation. (mais…)