ihamEnigma is a new resource online for finding latin words, that you parcially decyphred. Here’s the description from the website: “Enigma helps scholars to decipher Latin words which are difficult to read in medieval manuscripts. It is sometimes impossible to decipher all the letters in a word, for various reasons (difficult palaeography, unclear writing, damage to the document, etc.) If you type the letters you can read and add wildcards, Enigma will list the possible Latin forms, drawing from its database of more than 400 000 forms.”


Call for Papers “A Música na Ordem Franciscana”

I Seminário Nacional Estudos Franciscanos10 de Maio de 2014 | Centro de Estudos Franciscanos (Porto, Portugal)

I Seminário Nacional
“A Música na Província Portuguesa da Ordem Franciscana”

Este primeiro Seminário Nacional sobre a Música na Ordem Franciscana na sua Província Portuguesa, pretende avaliar a presença e o papel da música na Ordem Franciscana em Portugal, versando as seguintes áreas temáticas: (mais…)

II Encontro Ibero-Americano de Jovens Musicólogos

II Encontro Ibero-Americano Jovens Musicólogos26-27 Fevereiro de 2014 | Casa da Música (Porto, Portugal)

II Encontro Ibero-Americano de Jovens Musicólogos

Dando prosseguimento à primeira edição do evento realizado em Lisboa em 2012, o II Encontro Ibero-Americano de Jovens Musicólogos, que terá lugar na cidade do Porto nos dias 26 e 27 de Fevereiro de 2014, tem por objectivo promover a circulação da informação no campo das ciências musicais entre jovens profissionais e estudantes de Música e Musicologia. (mais…)

Exhibition at Angra do Heroísmo Cathedral

A small exhibition that I prepared, of three printed books (Duarte Lobo’s Liber Missarum and Cantica Beata Virginis and Manuel Cardoso’s Cantica Beata Virginis) and several 19th-century manuscripts, featuring works by local composers like Mateus Pereira de Lacerda and Pedro Machado de Alcântara and other Portuguese composers as João José Baldi, which were recorded at the triple-CD “Música Sacra Portuguesa Século XIX – Arquivo Capitular da Sé de Angra”. (mais…)

Beard & Gloag – Musicology: The Key Concepts

Musicology Key ConceptsMusicology: the Key Concepts provides a vital reference guide for students of contemporary musicology. Its clear and accessible entries cover a comprehensive range of terms including: – aesthetics – canon – culture – deconstruction – ethnicity – identity – subjectivity – value – work Fully cross-referenced and with suggestions for further reading, this is an essential resource for all students of music. (mais…)

Anna Berger – Medieval Music and the Art of Memory

Berger - Medieval Music and the Art of MemoryThis bold challenge to conventional notions about medieval music disputes the assumption of pure literacy and replaces it with a more complex picture of a world in which literacy and orality interacted. Asking such fundamental questions as how singers managed to memorize such an enormous amount of music and how music composed in the mind rather than in writing affected musical style, Anna Maria Busse Berger explores the impact of the art of memory on the composition and transmission of medieval music. Her fresh, innovative study shows that although writing allowed composers to work out pieces in the mind, it did not make memorization redundant but allowed for new ways to commit material to memory. (mais…)

X International Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School”

10 Jornadas Sé de Évora4-7 October 2007 | Convento dos Remédios (Évora)

X International Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School”

The participants will work Fr. Manuel Cardoso’s Missa pro Defunctis for six voices, with the maestros Owen Rees, Peter Philips (director of The Tallis Scholars), Armando Possante (director of Grupo Vocal Olisipo) and Pedro Teixeira. (mais…)