B-Gu Ms 15 #047

chantf. 23r

In this video Hendrik Vanden Abeele talks about folio 23 recto of the 1481 Ghent antiphonary. Third, fourth and fifth antiphon of Lauds of Christmas. Antiphon Parvulus amended. Pencil scratching in right margin. New verse of the R Benedictus (some sources have this verse with the R Benedictus, most have V Lapidem quem reprobaverunt, cf. Antiphonaire de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés 1101-1125). (mais…)

B-Gu Ms 15 #038

chantf. 18v

In this video Hendrik Vanden Abeele talks about folio 18 recto of the 1481 Ghent antiphonary. We ar still in one of the possible vigils of Christmas, with a new verse Crastina die… (Tomorrow the injustice of the land will be erased, and he, saviour of the world, will rule us…). New notes were added (i.e. in “die”), not totally black. (mais…)

PMMS 125th Anniversary

pmms logoThere’s no place like Rome: Centres of music and liturgy before 1550

PMMS members are warmly invited to the AGM study day on 10 July 2013, held at Bedern in the city of York. The day will celebrate the Society’s 125th anniversary with a wine reception and free evening concert of conductus by candlelight, two public lectures and a series of papers held in medieval venues in York city centre. The theme of the day is the exploration of centres of music and liturgy before 1550, and will have a good balance of talks on plainchant and polyphony. Speakers include Roger Bowers, Emma Hornby, Rebecca Maloy, Andrew Kirkman, Jim Borders, Thomas Schmidt, Matthew Ward and Hannah Vlhova.

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