“Illuminations: Treasures of the Middle Ages”

This is a 30-minute documentary from channel BBC-Four entitled Illuminations: Treasures of the Middle Ages. Its a quite interesting documentary, which starts from an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge “which contains some of the world’s most important illuminated manuscripts which are highlighted and accessed for their place in the history of art and book production”. (mais…)

Cantigas from the Court of Dom Dinis

d. dinisThe second cd comprising the seven cantigas from the Sharrer source. In my opinion this is a “not so well” attempt by Paul Hillier. That english accent is too present in the galego-portuguese language. This is the first recording of D. Dinis’ cantigas since they were founded in the portuguese national archives – Torre do Tombo – at Lisbon, by Harvey Sharrer. (mais…)