Christopher Page – The Christian West and It’s Singers

The Christian West and It’s Singers: The First 1000 Years

A renowned scholar and musician presents a new and innovative exploration of the beginnings of Western musical art. Beginning in the time of the New Testament, when Christians began to develop an art of ritual singing with an African and Asian background, Christopher Page traces the history of music in Europe through the development of Gregorian chant – a music that has profoundly influenced the way Westerners hear – to the invention of the musical staff, regarded as the fundamental technology of Western music. (mais…)

“Illuminations: Treasures of the Middle Ages”

This is a 30-minute documentary from channel BBC-Four entitled Illuminations: Treasures of the Middle Ages. Its a quite interesting documentary, which starts from an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge “which contains some of the world’s most important illuminated manuscripts which are highlighted and accessed for their place in the history of art and book production”. (mais…)

Call for Papers: MedRen 2012

Medieval and Renaissance Conference 2012

8-11 July 2012

In 2012 Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference will be celebrating its 40th birthday with a return to the venue of the first ever Med Ren, held at Nottingham in 1972.

Call for Papers

The organisers and the Programme Committee invite proposals for 20-minute papers, joint papers/paired papers, and poster presentations on any topic relating to the study of Medieval and/or Renaissance music. Proposals of any kind should consist of a title and an abstract of c.200 words, together with the proposer’s name, institutional affiliation (if any) and email address. (mais…)

Cantigas from the Court of Dom Dinis

d. dinisThe second cd comprising the seven cantigas from the Sharrer source. In my opinion this is a “not so well” attempt by Paul Hillier. That english accent is too present in the galego-portuguese language. This is the first recording of D. Dinis’ cantigas since they were founded in the portuguese national archives – Torre do Tombo – at Lisbon, by Harvey Sharrer. (mais…)

Peter Jeffery – Re-Envisioning Past Musical Cultures

Re-Envisioning Past Musical CulturesStudying Gregorian chant presents many problems to the researcher because its most important stages of development were not recorded in writing. From the sixth to the tenth century, this form of music existed only in song as medieval musicians relied on their memories and voices to pass each verse from one generation to the next. (mais…)