Luísa Cymbron – Olhares sobre a música em Portugal no século XIX

Olhares sobre a Música em PortugalOlhares sobre a música em Portugal no século XIX: Ópera, virtuosismo e música doméstica

“[Olhares sobre a música em Portugal no século XIX] é um volume repleto de informação inédita e profundamente estimulante para todos os que se dedicam aos estudos artísticos e culturais em Portugal, cuja leitura vem demonstrar a riqueza e complexidade de uma época à qual começamos enfim a prestar justiça. Com este livro, ficamos a dever à autora a confirmação inequívoca de que a história da música em Portugal no século XIX merecia, de facto, ser contada.” – Paulo Ferreira de Castro (mais…)

Music Printing in the Renaissance

This is a small video that, in a very clear and resumed way, shows how music books were printed in the sixteenth century and afterwards. It features the process using movable pieces of type, very similar to that of traditional printing of the time. Most of the video takes place in the Plantin workshop in Antwerp, one of the most important music printing houses of Europe during the sixteenth century and where Portuguese composer Duarte Lobo printed four polyphony books in 1602, 1607, 1621 and 1639 respectively. This video is provided by The Open University. (mais…)

Call for Papers “Early Modern Soundscapes”

Papers2To include the Society for Renaissance Studies 3rd Annual Welsh Lecture, given by Professor Jennifer Richards (Newcastle University) and Professor Richard Wistreich (Royal Northen College of Music)

The Difficulty of that language is not to bee conceived, and the reasons there of are especially two: First, because it hath no affinitie with any other that ever I heard. Secondly, because it consisteth not so much of words and Letters, as of tunes and uncouth sounds, that no letters can expresse. For you have few words, but they signifie divers and severall things, and they are distinguished onely by their tunes that are as it were sung in the utterance of them, yet many words there are consisteth of tunes onely, so as if they like they will utter their mindes by tunes without wordes

Francis Godwin, The Man in the Moone (1638) (mais…)

Mário João Alves – Histórias da Música em Portugal

Histórias da Música em PortugalHistórias da Música em Portugal, com texto de Mário João Alves e ilustrações de Madalena Matoso, é uma viagem através dos séculos que nos desvenda os seus episódios musicais mais surpreendentes e singulares. O CD que acompanha o livro reúne algumas das obras mais representativas do nosso património musical, desde Dom Diniz a Constança Capdeville, acabando quase por ser uma história da música portuguesa em 60 minutos. Para miúdos a partir dos sete ou oito anos… mas também para os mais crescidos! (mais…)

Christopher Page – The Christian West and It’s Singers

The Christian West and It’s Singers: The First 1000 Years

A renowned scholar and musician presents a new and innovative exploration of the beginnings of Western musical art. Beginning in the time of the New Testament, when Christians began to develop an art of ritual singing with an African and Asian background, Christopher Page traces the history of music in Europe through the development of Gregorian chant – a music that has profoundly influenced the way Westerners hear – to the invention of the musical staff, regarded as the fundamental technology of Western music. (mais…)

Charles Rosen – The Classical Style

A reissue of a masterpiece by a world-class pianist and top-rank thinkernow expanded and with a compact disc. This outstanding book focusing on the three most-beloved composers of the Vienna School is considered basic to any study of the music from their era. Drawing on his rich experience and intimate familiarity with the works of these giants, Charles Rosen presents his keen insights in language that is clear, persuasive, and nontechnical. (mais…)