New Musicological Project

Following the presentation of the paper “Matins for the Feast of St. Bernard” at the “Residência Cisterciense” (Évora), a new project arose in my head for a new phase of my life that is starting this Winter. It will be a long-term project that envolves working new repertoire. I must confess that I neglected it, which was at the time a big mistake of my part. (mais…) Easter Suggestions

MusicaNeo chose my edition of Portuguese composer Diogo Dias Melgás’s (1638-1700) motet In Monte Olivetti to incorporate a selection of ten suggested works related with Holy Week and Easter.

I am honored that one of my editions was selected among thousands (about 150 000 scores online). It is also an honor to see a work by Diogo Dias Melgás together with composers like Wolfgang A. Mozart, Melchior Vulpius or Franz Schubert. A sign that the Portuguese polyphony is no less than other music.

Alonso Lobo • Versa est in luctum

Alonso LoboLast couple of days I was preparing the edition of Alonso Lobo’s Versa est in luctum (for 6 vv.). The direct contact with this work reminded me of the great achievements of these Iberian composers, of the contrapuntal design and expressiveness one can extract from these works. The powerful emotions you get when you hear and work on the musical text cannot be compared to actually perform this work. I hope to sing it one day.

Lobo’s setting of the funeral motet Versa est in luctum was written for the funeral rites of the powerful Spanish ruler King Philip II (in 1598), being published in the composer’s Liber Primus Missarum (Madrid, 1602) with the title “Ad exequias Philip. II Cathol. Regis Hisp.”. (mais…)

On the First Page of Load.CD

My music edition page was one of the chosen profiles for this month’s “featured members” on the front page of  Load.CD, a website that sells sheet music. These editions comprise mostly Portuguese composers of the 17th century which have practically no editions available online. For me, it is a great honour to see my work appreciated on this enormous website.