João Rodrigues Esteves – Missa for 8 Voices, Christmas Responsories

João Rodrigues Esteves - Mass, Responsories“The twelve Responsories for the Matins of Christmas Day are stylistically more even, though delightfully varied in texture. Each begins and ends chorally, with a ‘vers’ in the middle for an ensemble of soloists. They come from within the Christ Church choir, providing moments of breathtaking beauty, especially from the finely focused trebles” – BBC Music Magazine (mais…)

Marcos Portugal – Matinas do Natal

Portugal - Matinas do NatalMatinas do Natal, Rio de Janeiro, 1811

«In its first world recording, the stunning Matinas do Natal, written in 1811 by Marcos Portugal, is a luscious dish for any musical gourmet: the CD, which received the co-funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Radio DRS, manages to unite great music, dormant for centuries, with fabulous soloists, choir and orchestra. Gracing the cover, the detail of a painting by Jean-Baptiste Debret represents the coronation mass of Dom Pedro I, with the musicians standing in attention, Marcos Portugal in the forefront, au grand complet. (mais…)

Caeli Porta: 17th Century Sacred Music

Caeli Porta“Portuguese music enjoyed its most spectacular flowering in the early seventeenth century. Many of the greatest composers were gathered in the capital Lisbon, and this was a period when many Portuguese musicians also made their careers in Spain, which was then linked to Portugal politically. This recording presents masterpieces of Portuguese polyphony from Lisbon and Granada brought to light by the choir’s director, Owen Rees. (mais…)

Luís Tinoco – Round Time

Tinoco - Round Time“Born in Portugal in 1969, Luis Tinoco spent his mature musical education in the UK at the Royal Academy of Music in London and latterly at York University. Though the record sleeve claims that he ‘creates a sound world that is uniquely, distinctively Portuguese’, I hear the style of composing I frequently find in York University concerts, and has a modern and cosmopolitan quality. Not that it is a bad thing, as it offers a broader base than falling into a nationalistic rut. (mais…)

João José Baldi – Missa para Coro, Solistas e Orquestra

CD BaldiMissa para Coro, Solistas e Orquestra

“Fenómeno raro em Portugal, a Câmara da Guarda edita amanhã à noite o registo digital do concerto “Missa para Coro, Solistas e Orquestra”, de João José Baldi. Uma peça escrita em 1801 e que teve estreia moderna na Sé no passado dia 27 de Novembro pela Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Coro Aeminium e sete solistas, sob a batuta do maestro António Vassalo Lourenço. Um recital magistral que coroou as celebrações dos 804 anos da cidade e proporcionou a gravação para a posteridade de uma autêntica obra-prima da música erudita nacional, escondida até então no parco espólio musical da Catedral que sobreviveu às invasões francesas. (mais…)