Paper at “Residência Cisterciense”, September 19

Residência Cisterciense 2014Tomorrow (19 September) I’ll be presenting a paper at the II Residência Cisterciense “A Estética, o Espaço e o Tempo: Reflexos da Contra-Reforma na praxis musical”, at the monastery of S. Bento de Cástris in Évora. The paper is entitled “O canto do ofício na Quaresma e Semana Santa no Mosteiro de S. Bento de Cástris: O manuscrito 29 do Arquivo Distrital de Évora e a sua organização” (The singing of office during Lent and Holy Week in the Monastery of S. Bento de Cástris: The manuscript 29 of Arquivo Distrital de Évora and its organization). (mais…)

Ensemble Eborensis, September 19

Residência Cisterciense 2014I’ll be conducting the Schola of Ensemble Eborensis next Friday (19 Setember) at the church of the cistercian monastery of S. Bento de Cástris at Évora. The brief concert is integrated in the II Residência Cisterciense S. Bento de Cástris “A Estética, o Espaço e o Tempo: Reflexos da Contra-Reforma na praxis musical”, which will take place the the monastery from 19 to 20 September. We will perform 16th-century plainchant from the monastery’s manuscript sources. (mais…)

The Schola of Ensemble Eborensis

Schola do Ensemble EborensisThe Schola of Ensemble Eborensis, is a new project of my group which is collaborating in the project “Orfeus: A reforma tridentina e a música no silêncio claustral: O mosteiro de S. Bento de Cástris” (EXPL/EPH-PAT/2253/2013), which is in development by CIDEHUS-UÉ (in collaboration with UnIMeM) in which I’m working at the moment. (mais…)

Francisco Martins • Vinea mea electa

Iberian PolyphonyVideo of the responsory Vinea mea electa, for four voices, by Portuguese composer Francisco Martins (c.1628-1680). This video was recorded during Ensemble Eborensis‘s concert at Church of S. João Evangelista (also know as Church of Lóios) at Évora, las 28 August. The video was produced in collaboration with associação de ideias. (mais…)

Ensemble Eborensis, September 14

Igreja Nossa Senhora da Lagoa (Monsaraz)Nex Sunday (September 14), at 17:00, I’ll be singing and conducting Ensemble Eborensis at the church of Nossa Senhora da Lagoa in the beautiful village of Monsaraz. The group will participate in the solemn mass for the feast of Senhor Jesus dos Passos, the main religious event in the village. We will perform works by Manuel Mendes, Estêvão Lopes Morago, Francisco Martins, Aires Fernandes and Manuel de Tavares; music that was intended for the mass and office. (mais…)

Polyphonia 23: Duarte Lobo: Asperges me

The edition of the antiphon Asperges me by Portuguese composer Duarte Lobo (c.1564-1646), which I prepared for Edições MPMP is now available at the website. This, I think, is probably the first edition of this work, the firs of – I hope – several editions on the 1621 Liber Missarum. The work is set for four voices (SATB) and it was published in the 1621 Liber Missarum, printed in Antwerp at the Officina Plantiniana. (mais…)

Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, September 2

Igreja do SalvadorTomorrow (September 1), 21:30, I’ll be singing with Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, directed by Eduardo Martins, at the Igreja do Salvador, Évora. The concert being integrated in the activities of the Culture Bureau of Alentejo.

We will be singing 17th-century polyphony from Évora Cathedral, of composers like Manuel Cardoso, Estêvão Lopes Morago, Estêvão de Brito, Manuel Mendes and Diogo Dias Melgaz. (mais…)