Concert at Igreja do Senhor Jesus da Pobreza

2014.07.16 Ensemble Eborensis (4)Photo from the concert with Ensemble Eborensis last 16 July at Igreja do Senhor Jesus da Pobreza, in Évora. We performed our programme “Masters from Évora Cathedral: Sacred vocal polypony from the 16th and 17th centuries”, featuring works by Mateus d’Aranda, Manuel Mendes, Estêvão Lopes Morago and Francisco Martins among others.

B-Gu Ms 15 #051

chantf. 25r

In this video Hendrik Vanden Abeele talks about folio 25 recto of the 1481 Ghent antiphonary. We are at the end of the antiphons for the first nocturn of the matins of St Stephen, followed by the first, second and third responsories of (obviously) the same matins. Beautiful S with mysteriously not fully coloured top half. There are several proofs (again) that this capital was made after text and music. (mais…)

Mateus d’Aranda • Adjuva nos Deus

Iberian PolyphonyMateus d’Aranda was mestre de capela and mestre da claustra at Évora Cathedral from at least 1528 until 1544. During this period at Évora he published two treatises – one on plainchant (1533) and one on mesural chant (1535) – which are thought to be the first music to be printed in Portugal. Although a very important music theoretician, as a composer almost nothing is kwnown of him. The only works that survived are two fragments of a Credo and a motet, which uses the text from the tract for Feria Quarta in Cinerum, for four voices. (mais…)

Ensemble Eborensis, July 16

2014.07.16 Ensemble EborensisTomorrow (July 16) 18:30, I’ll be singing with with my group Ensemble Eborensis at the Church of Senhor Jesus da Pobreza, in the historical centre of Évora, in an event promoted by the Cultural Bureau delegation of Alentejo, the School of Arts of Évora University and the Military Command (the church’s owner) of this church’s reopening to public visits.

We will be performing our programme “Masters of Évora Cathedral: 16th and 17th-century sacred vocal polyphony”, comprising works by composers like Mateus d’Aranda, Manuel Mendes, Manuel Cardoso, Aires Fernandes and Francisco Martins among others. (mais…)

B-Gu Ms 15 #050

chantf. 24v

In this video Hendrik Vanden Abeele talks about folio 24 verso of the 1481 Ghent antiphonary. In this episode one can find the Processional antiphons BMV. These antiphons are also to be used on Marian Vespers, with Magnificat, up until Purification (2 February).

Start of Matins Stephen (the First Martyr, 26 December) with the invitatorium combining Christmas and Stephen theme and six antiphons of first nocturn. (mais…)

Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, July 12

Música nos Claustros 2014Next Saturday (July 12), 21:30, I’ll be singing with Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, directed by Eduardo Martins, at the cloisters of Convento dos Remédios, Évora. The concert is part of the festival “Música nos Claustros”, promoted by Eborae Musica.

We will be singing the programme “Por liames bucólicos e populares”, featuring sixteenth-century madrigals and chansons and music by Estêvão Lopes Morago, Fernando Lopes Graça and Eurico Carrapatoso. (mais…)